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Pro Shooting Classes

Improve Your Shooting Skills with Aalphalina's Virtual Pro Shooter Game

In this brand new reality game, Aalphalina reveals her top drills, and skills training that keeps her competing at the highest level, and you can easily learn and practice at home or on the range!

Pro Shooter Handgun Training will enhance your life through your improved shooting abilities, and through your ability to control your mind and also your emotions.

"Throughout the game I will teach you not only the physical skills it takes to become a pro shooter, but the mental and emotional skills as well."

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Performance Shooting Eyewear

Pilla Sport Eyewear

Evelina Mannarino is a Pilla Performance Eyewear Partner. Pilla provides the very best performance shooting eyewear that has been scientifically developed over decades. "Pilla has created the most comprehensive shooting sports eye science available in the market. We pride ourselves on providing lens and frame science that gives our athletes an unfair advantage and unmatched visual aptitude."

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Aalphalina is about empowering you to take control of your life. From professional shooting classes, to sports & nutrition training, and showing off fashion that represents you in boldest way, Aalphalina wants to inspire you to be the leader of your life.

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I like the way the course is broken down and the way Aalphalina explains and demonstrates everything. She’s a great teacher who makes learning fun! I hope to gain confidence in handling my gun and improving my accuracy.

Nancy B

Evelina is highly committed to this sport and the people in it. She is always friendly to any new shooters coming into the sport and dedicates most of her time to this industry.

Marco C.

Aalphalina is a great course with awesome demonstrations and information. The videos are very detailed and explain things very well also. I'm looking forward to learning more and gaining the confidence and knowledge I've always wanted when using my gun.

Maria E.