My secret training that I didn’t want to share!

Although one of my favorite stories, I honestly didn’t want to share with anyone how I improved my shooting, pretty much over night!

I shot a match weeks ago where I was very proud of myself for getting all Alphas.  I proudly walked off the stage only to come face to face with a stern looking man, arms crossed, not happy.

”What was that?” He asked?  I knew it wasn’t good.

”All alphas?” I asked, wondering what I did wrong.

”No good, too slow.  We train Tuesday morning at 8am,” was all he said.  Heesh, he didn’t even ask if I already had plans for that day.

I showed up at the range at 8am to start training with Rossen Hristov with Tacital Performance Centre (TPC) in Arizona.  We trained shooting rapid shots at close targets because for points, we need alphas.  Not perfect alphas, just need alphas.  I have been wasting too much time shooting perfect alphas, dead centre, wasting time.

It was really cool to be able to shoot the double alphas so quickly.  A few weeks later, I shot an almost identical stage, plus an extra two targets were added.  It was so much fun to be able to shoot those same close targets so much faster and still get those alpha hits!

My time went down by 5 seconds including the two small steel at opposite corners and my hit factor went from 5.9 to 7.5!  I was so excited!

So although I don’t want to share my secret of overnight improvement, it was Rossen with TPC that I have to thank for pushing me to improve and having the faith in me that I could shoot those faster.  

Thanks so much for doing that, I love shooting so much more now that I can do it even faster.

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Keep shooting straight and be kind to one another!

Aalphalina :)

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