Personal Protection Outside the Home Course <br> Group Classes
Personal Protection Outside the Home Course <br> Group Classes

Personal Protection Outside the Home Course
Group Classes

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The Personal Protection Outside the Home Group Class teaches students the knowledge, skills and attitude essential for avoiding dangerous confrontations and for the safe, effective and responsible use of a concealed pistol for self-defense outside the home.

This Group Class is Designed for:

  • Adult individuals who are not disqualified from possessing a firearm as defined by applicable federal, state, or local law
  • Are of good repute and possess defensive pistol skills presented in the NRA Basics of Personal Protection In The Home Course
  • Participants must also understand the basic legal concepts relating to the use of firearms in self-defense
  • Must know and observe not only general gun safety rules, but also those safety principles that are specific to defensive situations.
  • Prospective participants should be able to demonstrate that they have the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes by producing an NRA Basic Personal Protection In The Home Course Certificate, or by passing the pre-course evaluation. 

What to Expect:

The group class is divided into two levels. Level one is 3-5 hours.

You will spend several hours on the range and shoot approximately 100 rounds of ammunition during level one. Upon completion, students may choose to attend level two, which is an additional five hours on the range and approximately 115 rounds of ammunition learning advanced shooting skills.

Time and ammunition requirements are minimum, and may be exceeded. 

What You'll Learn:

The Personal Protection Outside the Home Group Class offers the essential knowledge and skills that must be mastered in order to carry, store, and use a firearm safely and effectively for personal protection outside the home.

What's Included:

  • NRA Guide to the Basics of Personal Protection Outside The Home handbook
  • NRA Gun Safety Rules brochure and appropriate (level one/level two)
  • Course completion certificates(s)  

Before You Sign Up:

Lesson III of this group class, Firearms and the Law, and Legal Aspects of Self-Defense, may be conducted by an attorney licensed to practice law within the state in which this course is given and who is familiar with this area of the law.

Lesson III may also be taught by a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) who possesses an intermediate or higher Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certificate granted within the state, or an individual currently certified to instruct in this area of the law by the state in which this course is presented.

NRA Certified Instructors may conduct Lesson III only if they meet the requirements stated above and then only in their capacity as an attorney, or other state certified individual not in their capacity as an NRA Certified Instructor.

Course available as classroom style or private lessons.

Class Prerequisite:

Before taking our Basic Personal Protection in the Home Course, students must complete our Basic Pistol Shooting Course designed for all individuals regardless of their previous shooting experience. Choose from the private or group course.